These are the 6 fastest-growing green jobs of the next decade—and how much they pay

fastest-growing green jobs

Some new figures out of the Bureau of Labor Statistics about green jobs:

Concentrations of greenhouse gases hit a record high last year despite a temporary slowdown in new emissions during the coronavirus pandemic, a new United Nations report found. The announcement of this grim new milestone comes days before world leaders of the G-20 summit meet in Rome to hash out a plan for reducing global warming.

Heightened alarm about climate change has sparked demand for environmental specialists who can help corporate and government leaders build a greener, more climate-resilient world. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in environmental science and specialties are projected to grow 8% the next decade, which is as fast as the average U.S. job growth rate.

“Both the government and companies understand that climate change is here and that they need to mitigate or try to stop it from getting worse,” Valeria Orozco, the director of sustainability at Indeed, tells CNBC Make It. The ongoing pandemic has only fed into demand for such roles, Orozco adds. “There’s an environmental health component to climate change, but also to the coronavirus pandemic,” she explains. “People want more open, green spaces, because the transmission rate is lower outdoors, which is especially important for more densely populated regions, and people care more now about indoor air quality and ventilation to curb the spread of the virus.” Read the full article on CNBC.

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