5 Ways to Find an Age-Friendly Employer

Age-Friendly Employer

A recent article from Next Chapter offering advice to jobseekers in their 50s and 60s:

Nearly half of working boomers are looking for a career change, according to a new LinkedIn data survey. Some want to reinvent themselves in their current roles, others hope to switch employers. Fortunately, thanks to the escalating demand for talent driven by “The Great Resignation” and a heightened emphasis on diversity, equity and inclusion, a growing number of businesses are warming to older applicants as age-friendly employers.

As my Next Avenue colleague Chris Farrell recently wrote, “management is learning it can’t afford to ignore experienced workers anymore, those on the payroll and ones applying for jobs.”

The question is: Where and how do you find age-friendly employers?

To be clear, the emerging embrace of older workers could well soften once the job market tightens. Ageism is an age-old problem, and the last thing you want is to get lured in by an employer desperate to fill an opening only to be let go later when market conditions change.

But in hopes that at least some employers now truly get the usefulness of having older workers in their workforce, I’d like to share several tips for finding age-friendly ones.

I picked some of them up at the recent Age Friendly Employer Forum, an online webinar hosted by the Encore Boston Network, co-sponsored by Retirementjobs.com and AARP. I also reached out to several career coaching colleagues to hear what’s worked best for their clients in their 50s and 60s. Read the full article on Next Avenue.

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