Global Environmental Careers: The Worldwide Green Jobs Resource (new book)

Global Environmental Careers

A new book out by Justin Taberham that might be worth a read: Global Environmental Careers: The Worldwide Green Jobs Resource. Here’s the description:

This book is the ideal guide to equipping you with the tools and know-how to develop an environmental career. It is filled with practical advice, case studies, personal profiles and top tips across the global environment sector.

An essential resource for anyone, from school students to those who are already in work but dreaming of a more meaningful career.


Acknowledgements ix

1 Introduction 1

2 Environmental Consultancy 51

3 Integrated Water Resources Management 80

4 Environmental Law 100

5 Environmental Policy, Legislation and Regulation 121

6 Conservation and Ecology 129

7 Greening Companies, Corporate Sustainability 154

8 Air Quality 176

9 Fisheries Management 189

10 Marine Science and Conservation 207

11 Protected Area Planning and Management 219

12 Waste and Resource Management and Contaminated Land 232

13 Renewables and Energy 246

14 Journalism and Writing/Blogging 264

15 Emerging and Other Sectors 276

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