Three Surefire Ways To Own Your Value And Boost Your Career Reinvention

Career Reinvention

The best reading for career switches is probably Switchers: How Smart Professionals Change Careers and Seize Success by Dawn Graham, as discussed over on our suggested reading page. But in the meantime you might find this new Forbes article useful:

Are you stuck?

Have you been working in the same role too long – and you’re not feeling it anymore? Maybe it’s a career that enabled you to juggle family responsibilities, but never really made you happy.

Did you pause your career to care for others, and you’re wondering “what’s next for me?” Or, like so many women who continue to be disproportionately affected by the fallout of the pandemic, you were laid off or furloughed?

When thinking of making professional change, sometimes the hardest part is knowing where to start.

Here’s a hint – it’s not rushing to update your resume and sending it out into the ether, applying to jobs online, and letting an algorithm decide your fate.

Career reinvention is an inside job. It’s all about how you align to your values – what you’re good at AND love to do. Do the inner work first – think about who you are and the rest will follow. Read the full article on Forbes.

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