The buzz around carbon removal is drawing jobseekers in droves

carbon removal

Interesting new article about people switching to careers in carbon capture:

When Heidi Lim decided in 2017 to leave her job at a Silicon Valley software company and work in climatetech, she didn’t search for openings at a solar-panel installer or electric-vehicle maker. Instead, Lim wanted to join a fledgling field in need of more bright minds, where she felt she could have a greater impact than in a mature industry or at a trillion-dollar firm like Tesla.

She wanted to work on carbon dioxide removal.

The broadly defined category includes initiatives to suck CO2 directly from the sky, capture the gas from industrial facilities, recycle it into concrete and tires, lock it away in underground caverns and store it in forests or soil. Many of the technological solutions are early-stage and largely unproven. Previous U.S. efforts to capture carbon from coal-fired power plants ultimately led to hundreds of millions of dollars in wasted taxpayer money. Read the full article on Canary Media.

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