Switching careers? Here are 4 ways to find a knowledgeable mentor

Switching careers

This new article in Fast Company explores the value of mentorship for career switchers:

For nearly a decade, I’ve been a mentor to other professionals in need of guidance but, personally, I didn’t have a formal mentorship for several years. Part of the reason was I found it difficult to find a fitting mentor I could develop a fruitful relationship with.

The experience introduced me to the intricate process it takes to forge a connection with a new mentor. And as career coach, I am constantly watching my executive clients struggle with the same process.

Below are four strategies to find and collaborate with mentors who can help elevate your career and (particularly if your trying to change industries) can help you reach your goals. I turned to these tips to carve out opportunities for myself, as well as to steer my executive clients to their next professional aim. Read the full article on Fast Company.

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