Intro to Water Stewardship & The Water Council’s WAVE: free webinar, Feb 2

Water Council

Sustainable water management is definitely a green job sector. Here’s a good learning and networking opportunity: the Intro to Water Stewardship & The Water Council’s WAVE free webinar on February 2. Here’s the description:

Water-related business impacts are rapidly rising in priority within the environmental sustainability landscape. But many companies haven’t evolved their water strategy and goals beyond traditional water management and are focused solely on conservation and efficiency. With investors and stakeholders expecting more, companies are asking for a proven method for strategically addressing water challenges, risks and opportunities across the corporation and its value chain.

The WAVE offers your company a highly credible methodology based on international best practices for implementing a more holistic water stewardship approach from the board room to the shop floor. By following the WAVE, your company will better understand its priority water challenges and risks and develop more targeted and meaningful goals to respond to them. Upon successful completion of the WAVE, your company will be independently verified to demonstrate to your investors and stakeholders that you have instituted a strategic approach to water-related risk mitigation and value creation.

No matter where you’re at in your water stewardship journey, the WAVE will accelerate performance and provide credibility as you externally communicate water-related efforts and outcomes. Learn more in our introductory webinar.

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