Pennsylvania is a ‘window on the future’ of the green economy

green economy

The latest in the WorkingNation discussion about green jobs, this time with a focus on Pennsylvania:

There is no question the green economy is already bigger than most people think, and it’s growing. Job opportunities are out there, if you know where to look.

One person already working in Philadelphia’s green economy is Pedro Soto. Seven years ago, Soto’s sister-in-law suggested he apply to PowerCorpsPHL, a green jobs training program. He says she told him, “‘Why don’t you try this? It’s training. This is something to build off of.’”

“When I came into PowerCorps, I realized, ‘Wow, I can work outside. This is something I can do,’” Soto tells us. “I even had a mentor who is Hispanic. That just blew my mind because I didn’t know that was a possibility like, ‘Wow, somebody who looks like me is actually working in this field and is making a decent-to-great living.’”

We’ll get back to Soto’s journey a little later. But, he’s not alone. Many people don’t realize that the opportunities to join the green workforce are within reach. Read the full article on WorkingNation.

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