Living To 100: The ‘Century Lives’ Podcast Takes A Fascinating Look

Living To 100

People considering a midlife career change often worry that it’s too late. The answer is probably not:

For a look into the present, and possible future, of living to 100, meet the Rarey family, featured in the first episode of the excellent new “Century Lives” podcast series from the Stanford Center on Longevity.

Patriarch Dick Rarey, who turned 100 in 2021, is a former landscape architect and WWII vet, now in assisted living near Columbus, Ohio. On the podcast, Dick says he thought he would die around 40 or 45, then perhaps in his 70s. “Those years passed, and here I am,” he notes.

His son Rich, 63, lives in the Washington, D.C. area and worked at NPR for 34 years in broadcast engineering before being given a two-week notice at 56. These days, he’s enjoying remote work as a full-time senior software engineer at Tome, a Detroit-based software services firm.

“I don’t know what retirement means or what retirement is or what it’s supposed to be,” he says on “Century Lives.” Right now, he told me, his work is “extremely fun.” His biggest frustration is that his dad isn’t computer literate. Read the full article on Forbes.

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