Climate People: How To Follow Up On A Job Application

Climate People

Some advice on the value of application follow-ups (and keyword matching) from Climate People:

Picture this. You’ve scoured the internet for hours, read up on all the industry trends, studied company websites, actively engaged in dozens of networking conversations, perfected your resume, typed up a compelling cover letter, and finally mustered up the courage to submit your application.

So much time, stress, and hard work leading up to this application and you can finally take a sigh of relief. Days start to fly by, the constant checking of your email does nothing but enhance your anticipation and no amount of application refreshes can diminish your worry. After a week of crickets, you finally admit defeat and move on to the next application.

If you’re like most job seekers the above scenario is most likely your reality. The majority of eager candidates do all of the “right” things prior to submitting the application, however, they’re missing the most important piece — a follow-up. Read the full article on Climate People.

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