Branding through Sustainability: free webinar, Feb 23

Branding through Sustainability

A useful learning and networking opportunity for any marketers interested in an industry switch from the American Sustainable Business Network: the Branding through Sustainability free webinar on February 23. Here’s the description:

American Sustainable Business Network invites you to join us Wednesday, February 23rd at 1pm ET for Branding through Sustainability, an interactive webinar with Ted Carling (Ecotone Analytics), Ashleigh Penrod (Mess Hill), Joe Cecere (Little and Co) and Sara Olsen (SVT Group).

A company’s brand can’t be separated from its business – and neither can its impact. But too often, impact is treated as a marketing tactic to build goodwill or as programming that runs outside of a company’s core operations. As our social, environmental, and corporate governance paradigms shift, how can we best prepare for the future? Join us for a conversation with impact management and brand experts for a discussion around the power of integrating forces to mitigate risk, uncover opportunities, and create meaningful brands.

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