Demand Response and Automated Emissions Reduction: free webinar, March 3

Automated Emissions Reduction

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in a switch to clean energy: the Demand Response and Automated Emissions Reduction free webinar on March 3. Here’s the description:

Demand Response and Automated Emissions Reduction mechanisms are key to balancing grid supply and demand as we transition to greater penetration of variable generation.

Join us as we welcome Watt Time and Olivine to the Climate Link stage to share their latest tech and approaches to both of these related but distinct technologies.

Olivine, Inc:

Speaker: Abigail Shelton – Lead, Engineering Solutions

About Abigail:

Abigail Shelton is the Lead of Engineering Solutions at Olivine, Inc. where she manages innovative demand response and distributed energy resource projects. Her work focuses on mitigating the current impacts of climate change and decarbonizing the electrical grid to avoid future impacts. Among other projects, Abby is currently managing the technical implementation of the Emergency Load Reduction Program (ELRP) for Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E), which offers participants financial incentives to reduce energy usage during times of high grid stress and emergencies.

About Olivine:

Olivine, Inc. is an industry leading demand response (DR) management and grid services company with a long and proven track record of integrating distributed energy resources (DERs) into wholesale markets and administering innovative DR/DER programs. Formed in 2010, Olivine provides infrastructure and services that enable distributed and aggregated resources—such DR, smart thermostats, electric vehicles, and battery storage—to effectively and efficiently offer grid services. Olivine focuses on the integration of DERs to increase value to customers, aggregators, and utilities, create a reliable and resilient grid, mitigate climate change impacts, and support the transition to renewable resources.

Watt Time:

Speaker: Henry Richardson – Analyst

About Henry:

As an analyst at WattTime, Henry helps WattTime’s partners and collaborators understand how they can affect the electric grid and achieve the greatest reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, whether through location-based renewables siting or automated emissions reductions. Henry specializes in building performance, including emissions-focused load shifting, energy storage integration, and methods for assessing overall building emissions.

About Watt Time:

WattTime is an environmental tech nonprofit that empowers all people, companies, policymakers, and countries to slash emissions and choose cleaner energy. Founded by UC Berkeley researchers, WattTime develops data-driven tools and policies that increase environmental and social good. WattTime invented Automated Emissions Reduction (AER), software that allows IoT devices like smart thermostats and electric vehicles as well as entire buildings to effortlessly and automatically run on cleaner energy. WattTime popularized emissionality, a technique to achieve greater avoided emissions through better siting of new renewable energy projects. And WattTime co-founded the global Climate TRACE coalition, which harnesses remote sensing and software intelligence to monitor human-caused GHG emissions in near real time, bringing transparency and accessibility to global emissions.

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