Ready to Make Climate Change Your Career? Here’s How.

Make Climate Change Your Career

Some basic but fundamental tips for climate careers switchers:

You’ve decided to make a career switch to work on climate change. Great! But now that you’ve made up your mind, how do you actually go from doing whatever it is you do now to working on climate?

Everyone’s career path looks a little different, so I interviewed some people who recently made the move to work on climate to learn from their experiences.

Meet the new hires

I spoke to six professionals who recently used the Work on Climate Slack community to help them find a new job in climate:

  • Andrew Angus, VP of Sales at ChargeLab, a Toronto-based maker of software for managing EV charging stations
  • Mark O’Neill, VP of Engineering at EnergyHub, a Brooklyn-based maker of distributed energy resources (DER) management software
  • Katherine Tang, Growth & Strategy at Energicity, a solar mini-grid startup in Freetown, Sierra Leone
  • Rustin Coburn, Director of Marketing at Voltus, Inc., a San Francisco-based DER software company
  • Sílvia Coimbra, Climate & Product at Overstory, a Dutch software company that analyzes vegetation to prevent wildfires and power outages
  • Julia Li, Customer Success Lead at Afresh, a San Francisco-based software company focused on reducing food waste

Everyone I spoke to came from different backgrounds, and while some of them had worked on environmental issues before, they didn’t make the switch to a green career until recently. Here are some of their insights on how they made this happen as well as advice for others looking to do the same. Read the full article on Work on Climate.

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