Carbon & Beyond: How the Last Decade Can Prepare ESG Leaders for 2030: free webinar, March 24

ESG Leaders

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in ESG: the Carbon & Beyond: How the Last Decade Can Prepare ESG Leaders for 2030 free webinar on March 24. Here’s the description:

A panel of ESG experts will share what they’ve learned from their years of experience working in sustainability and what we can expect from upcoming ESG trends and regulatory changes. Attendees will be able to take these lessons and apply them to their organizational ESG strategy and initiatives to better prepare for reaching 2030 targets. The discussion will provide substantive insights, exploring the theme of carbon and beyond, including:

  • The future of carbon regulation, including decarbonization and the evaluation of carbon offsets
  • Environmental issues that expand beyond GHG emissions, such as the water crisis
  • ESG issues that expand beyond the ‘E’ including supplier transparency and DEI


  • Grant Harrison, Green Finance & ESG Analyst, GreenBiz Group


  • Ted Dhilon, CEO & Co-Founder, FigBytes
  • Keila Hand, Head of ESG, Quantum Energy Partners
  • Warren Gorowitz, Director of CSR, Hunter Industries
  • Davida Heller, Head of Sustainability Strategy, Citi

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