Scrap Culture: Sustainable Design Practices in a World of Waste: free webinar, March 31

Sustainable Design

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in sustainable design: the Scrap Culture: Sustainable Design Practices in a World of Waste free webinar on March 31. Here’s the description:

Today we live in a world that creates more waste than it does reduce, reuse, or recycle. Designers in all disciplines are trying to address this through the exploration of new materials and production processes, creating a new design language and landscape that moves beyond industry or craft. This CEU will look at how the design industry is using waste to create new things, bridging design and sustainability for interiors, architecture, product design, fashion, and the arts.


John Davies, Senior Vice President & Analyst, GreenBiz Group


Royce Epstein, A&D Design Director, Mohawk Group

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