Women breaking the glass ceiling in clean energy fields

clean energy

In the recent LinkedIn green skills report, it was noted that women are underrepresented in many parts of the green economy. Here’s some further exploration of the role of women in clean energy:

The clean energy industry has been historically male-dominated with only a handful of women working in clean energy fields. But many hope to open the doors for the next generation to break into cutting-edge industries.

In 2020, the IEA reported that while women make up 48 percent of the workforce globally, only 22 percent of jobs in the oil and gas industry belong to women. Further, women only account for 32 percent of careers in the renewables industry.

However, a recent report shows that while there is still room for improvement, women are increasingly breaking into the clean energy industry. This International Women’s Day, Choose Energy is discussing a few of the trailblazing women in clean energy fields. Read the full article on Choose Energy.

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