LACI offers free job training to staff growing green economy

Good news for LA residents:

If your electric vehicle is running low on battery, a SparkCharge portable EV charger, and its technician Michael Washington, will come save your day.

“We provide a personal supercharge. We can come to your home, to your office, wherever you’re located. We will provide you with 50 miles of range,” Washington said.

Washington and SparkCharge both got their starts at the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator.

Washington is a fellow of LACI’s green jobs program, and SparkCharge is one of their startups that’s now employing folks like him in the clean tech sector.

“This is the roadie, this is the charger head connector,” Washington said while pointing to his equipment.

Like millions of Americans who left their jobs in “The Great Resignation,” the pandemic was the catalyst for Washington to find a new career path as an EV technician, after his job as a frontline health care worker took its toll. Read the full article on Spectrum News.

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