Looking to join the green economy? Here are the fastest-growing U.S. jobs

green economy

Some new data discussion from LinkedIn Workforce Insights:

What’s the career equivalent of a building manager’s “master key” — the unique job title that opens the hiring door at practically every company?

The winning answer this year isn’t exactly in tech, even though elite companies such as Tesla, Ericsson and Analog Devices are trying to fill such positions right now. Instead, its value registers everywhere from retailers such as REI to food companies such as Kellogg. For that matter, U.S. universities need this specialty too — as does The Huntington, an elegant library, museum and garden in San Marino, Calif.

We’re talking about the booming role of environmental health and safety specialists. Across the full sweep of the U.S. economy, these EHS specialists help keep workplaces and their surroundings safe. Their roles focus on everything from broad policies to detailed on-site inspections.

As the chart below shows, a new analysis of the fastest-growing “green jobs” in the United States puts EHS specialists at the top of the list. This ranking, compiled by LinkedIn’s Economic Graph research team, is based on multi-year hiring trends for a wide range of environment-related positions in the United States since 2016. Read the full article on LinkedIn.

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