Starting a New Job as a Mid-Career Professional

Mid-Career Professional

Not climate-specific, but useful for anyone interested in a climate switch:

Bill thought he’d never leave the comfortable job he’d enjoyed for the past decade. But when another company reached out to him with an offer, it was so intriguing that he took the job. Then the fear set in because he hadn’t started a new job in 10 years. He read The First 90 Days and learned he needed to make an impact fast, so he immediately started trying to solve problems.

Two weeks into his new job, Bill had already solved a problem — his first win. But he was noticing his coworkers were standoffish. His boss causally mentioned he needed to slow down but didn’t tell him complaints were coming in about his work approach and style. Bill didn’t realize his first win wasn’t actually about accomplishing a goal — it was about how he accomplished his work.

Those first weeks in a new job are when you make your first impression, and it’s hard to change people’s perceptions once they’re developed. Here are five tips on how to transition into a new job, especially if it’s been a long time since you’ve made a move. Read the full article on Harvard Business Review.

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