The Future of Sustainability Management Platforms: free webinar, May 12

Sustainability Management Platforms

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interesting in ESG: The Future of Sustainability Management Platforms free webinar on May 12. Here’s the description:

The call to focus on climate change and track greenhouse gas emissions has never been louder. However, rules, guidelines, standards and regulations are constantly changing, including the potential new SEC reporting requirements, and companies still have siloed or missing data, making carbon accounting a daunting task — especially for Scope 3 emissions. Businesses are quickly realizing they don’t have the necessary infrastructure or technology in place to make impactful changes that are scalable. With Net Zero Cloud, you can accelerate your company’s journey to net zero today. But that’s not enough. You need to future-proof your organization’s ability to adhere to new regulations and interpret evermore increasingly complex data, not to mention expanding the reporting categories from carbon to waste management, water and other factors that contribute to global warming.

With increased need comes more capable technology. Join Heather Clancy, Editorial Director at GreenBiz Group, Lyrica McTiernan, Founder and Principal Consultant at Lyrica Consults, and Kevin Vranes, Global Head of Product Management for Net Zero Cloud at Salesforce — for a candid discussion about where the industry is headed and how Salesforce plans to keep up.

Join this webinar to learn how to:

  • Use actionable insights to go net zero now
  • Improve transparency for emissions data up and down your value chain
  • Leverage a trusted platform that reduces reporting time from months to hours


  • Heather Clancy, Vice President & Editorial Director, GreenBiz Group


  • Kevin Vranes, Global Head of Product Management, Net Zero Cloud, Salesforce
  • Lyrica McTiernan, Sustainability Consultant

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