Where Do ESG and Sustainable Finance Go from Here?: free webinar, May 16

Sustainable Finance

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interesting in ESG: The Where Do ESG and Sustainable Finance Go from Here? free webinar on May 16. Here’s the description:

The finance and sustainability worlds are converging faster than ever before. For investors and companies, that means having a clear understanding of the key issues, both now and in the coming months, from setting targets and timetables to learning the language of Wall Street. It means having a shared understanding with internal stakeholders: the risk department, government relations, investor relations and those overseeing energy, emissions reductions, water use and more.

All of this has been taking place for years, never more so than in the past 24 months. So, where are we? What are the emerging issues? What are the changing expectations of investors, regulators and financial institutions around the world? And, perhaps most important: Are we even making progress?

Participants in this one-hour webcast will be the first to see a new annual report being launched that day, focusing on the state of ESG and sustainable finance. You’ll hear from insiders on the trends and practices that are, or soon will be, table stakes for large, publicly traded companies — and some smaller ones, too.


  • Joel Makower, Chairman and Co-founder, GreenBiz Group


  • Richard Mattison, President, S&P Global Sustainable1
  • Allison Binns, Head of ESG & Sustainable Investing Strategy, Angelo Gordon
  • Grant Harrison, Director & Senior Analyst, Sustainable Finance & ESG, GreenBiz Group

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