A journey into working on climate with Yannick Frank: free webinar, June 15

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in climate tech: the A journey into working on climate with Yannick Frank free webinar on June 15.

We’ll be having our second Work on Climate “#europe talks” series with Yannick Frank on June 15th at 7PM CEST.

Yannick has over 10+ years of working in the startup game. Whether as a founder,

mentor or business angel, Yannick has seen it all.

​Yet, he has found himself in a position that many of us have identified within ourselves by wanting to help alleviate climate change with innovation.

​Now, Yannick is building a venture builder studio, Partners in Crime, to tackle unsolved problems by creating and funding ideas to fix our climate.

​For this talk, he will share his story and a few tricks for first-time founders to survive in the startup jungle.

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