EV Secrets for Startups and Investors: free webinar, June 21

EV Secrets

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in EVs and batteries: the EV Secrets for Startups and Investors free webinar on June 21.

Electric vehicle sales are booming, but how does a startup or venture investor separate the hype from reality in terms of EV product development and costs?

Since 2013, A2Mac1 has torn down and analyzed more than 100 electric vehicles from different markets and brands, which gives you the most definitive understanding of the state of the art in EV powertrains, including dynamic performance and costing.

Whether you are startups or investors, this real-time reverse-engineering market intelligence is an invaluable source to figure out how to be cost-competitive and reach necessary product milestones. It also helps objectively validate company progress versus competitors along product and cost.

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