Biodiversity: The next frontier in sustainable investing: free webinar, June 21

sustainable investing

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in sustainable finance: the Biodiversity: The next frontier in sustainable investing free webinar on June 21.

Join the Candriam Academy’s next ESG Talk on Biodiversity, with our expert, Alix Chosson. This newest episode of ESG Talks has the BEST advisor on natural capital as our esteemed guest — Marine de Bazelaire!

Questions and topics we will discuss include:

  • If the value of nature can be measured?
  • If there are investment approaches and methods for assessing and integrating biodiversity into ESG models and research?
  • How investors can access solutions that focus on mitigating the human destruction of biodiversity and what these solutions look like?
  • What the data challenges in relation to biodiversity look like and how they can be managed?
  • What nature-based investing is?

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