Building and growing your subscription business in the sharing economy: free webinar, June 28

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A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in the circular economy: the Building and growing your subscription business in the sharing economy free webinar on June 28.

The focus on finding new business models and to shift from a linear to a circular economy is of utmost importance to reduce carbon emissions. It is vital to give durable consumer goods a longer life cycle, use our planet’s limited resources more effectively and produce less waste.

One way to enable this is to encourage organizations to offer their products on a subscription basis, enabling them to extend the product lifecycle and as a result minimize the use of resources required to produce new product.

When operating a subscription based business within the sharing and circular economy it’s vital to keep track of your subscribers, assets/products, recurring revenue payments and the operational back end to be able to drive growth.

So what system or platform could help us achieve this?

Today the majority of the platforms are supporting linear sales models with a one time transaction of both money and products. But in the case of a subscription business in the sharing economy it’s yet more complex. You will have a continuous and close relationship with your customers overtime, monitor weekly/monthly/yearly recurring payments, monitor and measure your refurbishment operations, etc.

In this webinar with Recuro and Circuly you will gain insights to what to consider when starting and growing a subscription based model in the sharing economy and how to take control of the operation using a subscription management system.

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