Finding Corporate Success While Promoting Social & Environmental Responsibility: free webinar, July 12

Environmental Responsibility

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in sustainable business: the Finding Corporate Success While Promoting Social & Environmental Responsibility free webinar on July 12.

Michael Pirron, Founder and CEO of Impact Makers, sits down with Jeffrey Hollender, CEO & Co-Founder of the American Sustainable Business Network and Co-Founder and Former CEO of Seventh Generation. Through their impressive and extensive experience founding companies with unique business models, Pirron and Hollender will discuss how large corporations can find success while promoting social and environmental responsibility. Together, they will dive into the following:

  • Founding and running Seventh Generation with a social business model
  • Seventh Generation’s acquisition and how it affected the business model moving forward
  • Creating the American Sustainable Business Network (ASBN)
  • Thoughts and advice on the social enterprise movement
  • Working with the Social Venture Network

Impact Makers is honored to welcome Jeffrey Hollender as our esteemed guest speaker, who has worked with some of the nation’s largest businesses — including: Wal-Mart, Nike, Microsoft, and Kimberly Clark — in their efforts to become more sustainable and responsible companies.

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