Using machine learning to eliminate wasted energy from buildings: free webinar, July 21

eliminate wasted energy

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in sustainable buildings: the Using machine learning to eliminate wasted energy from buildings free webinar on July 21.

Green Tech South West welcomes Dan Williams and Josh Eadie, both Co-Founders of, to tell us about their mission to create energy efficient workplaces that inspire people to positively impact energy consumption and environmental sustainability.

To do this, they’ve built and developed specific IoT and Machine Learning to automatically identify and eliminate wasted energy and emissions from Small Power energy loads.

Small Power, sometimes known as Plug Load power, accounts for up to 40% of a commercial buildings energy consumption. It’s made up of the unfixed devices, products and appliances commonly plugged in to the electricity network in an office environment.

Up to half of all Small Power can be easily classed as wasted energy use, creating GHG emissions for no reason. For example unused devices which are plugged in but not used or are running needlessly. Until now, there’s been no meaningful way of monitoring this energy load, let alone controlling it.’s approach is to use technology to seamlessly enable energy efficiency without adding to people’s job lists or interfering with a building’s occupants.

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