Sustainable Transport: free webinar, July 21

Sustainable Transport

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in sustainable transport: the Sustainable Transport free webinar, July 21.

Being considerate about the way we travel is an essential part of building a better future for people and our planet. COVID-19 has made significant changes to the transport sector, providing us with the opportunity to build back better and transition towards greener mobility. Could you contribute to this?

This month we’ll explore the skills, tools and job opportunities within the sustainable transport sector. Whether that’s EV charging manufacturers or rentable bikes, this is an interesting opportunity to learn about the industry from those that understand it best. We have two very apt speakers who will provide insight from their point of view, followed by breakout sessions, where you’ll get the chance to speak directly with our experts. If we have time, we’ll finish with some general networking.

Speaker 1: Alex Watson at Eve Chargers

Eve Chargers mission is to make EV charging easily accessible to everyone, everywhere. They aim to be the trusted partner in electric vehicle charging to companies and consumers. Delivering affordable and reliable charging technology, at home, at work and on the go.

Speaker 2: Tom Woodnott at Right Charge

Decided to go electric? It’s the smart choice that’ll save the planet, and your pocket. But that’s only part of the story: pair your EV with the perfect combo of charge point and energy tariff and you could save even more. Rightcharge empowers you with the information to make that choice.

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