Heating up: fresh perspectives on the impact-profit balance in climate tech: free webinar, August 11

climate tech

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in climate tech: the Heating up: fresh perspectives on the impact-profit balance in climate tech free webinar on August 11.

In what way is Climate Tech shaping the future of investing?

The concept of ‘impact investing’ has undergone a radical shift in recent times, moving away from niche categories and into the mainstream. In the wake of shifting energy prices, geopolitical change and urgency driven purely by science, Climate Tech has gained significant momentum. As a result, many investors, impact and traditional alike, are funneling capital into solutions that will drive the energy transition.

With Climate Tech at its peak stages of growth, investors are no longer asking whether to join the climate battle but how and at what price. Meanwhile, startups are demanding capital at a faster pace than ever before.

This and more will be discussed by:

– Hampus Jakobsson, General Partner and Co-Founder of Pale Blue Dot, focusing on investing in seed-stage climate-tech in the US and Europe.

– David Oudsandji, CEO and Founder of Voltfang, focusing on giving EV batteries a 2nd-life in order to enable the energy transition.

– Melina Sanchez, Principal & Head of Impact at AENU, focusing on investing in software and deep tech startups to solve the climate crisis and advance social equality.

– Lukky Ahmed, CEO and Co-Founder of Climate X, focusing on unlocking high resolution data and analytics to help us better understand what climate change means to the world and all life on this planet.

With this Antler-hosted Roundtable we’re taking a look at the opportunity set within Climate Tech. Nowadays, valuations and revenue multiples are under pressure within more traditional “hot areas” but there is still so much capital that can flow into climate tech funds across all stages. What’s in store for the future?

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