IWAF in practice: How to apply impact measurement to create value for your organisation: free webinar, September 1

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in sustainable finance: the IWAF in practice: How to apply impact measurement to create value for your organisation free webinar on September 1.

Are you a sustainability or accounting professional? Then this webinar is a must attend. The IWAF helps organisations to measure, report and steer based on the impact of the organisation on society. Impact statements, such as an Integrated Profit & Loss statement, give organisations insight in how they create or destroy long-term value to all stakeholders, beyond the financial impact.

On September 1st, at 2 pm (CEST) IEF director Werner Schouten will kick-off the session by reflecting on how to make impact in a changing world and how the IWAF relates to other reporting frameworks, to then pass the floor to working group members who will dive into the key principles of the IWAF and how to apply the framework to realise Impact-Weighted Accounts.

In the second half of the webinar, practitioners will share their experiences with applying IWAF and the value it brings for their organisation.

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