Consumer Information Conference: free webinar, September 13-16

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in sustainable business: the Consumer Information Conference free webinar on September 13-16.

The UN Environment Programme and the Consumer Information Programme of the One Planet Network are hosting the conference

“Turning information into action: Providing product sustainability information that changes consumption behavior”

The conference will be held online from the 13th to the 16th of September on Webex Events and it is free of charge. Sessions will be held in English and the platform provides automatic translation to several other languages.

Two thirds of greenhouse gas emissions are directly associated with households and our current lifestyles of consumption. Recognizing that governments and businesses are best placed to design, deliver and enable access to more sustainable choices through policies, services, and products to ensure that everyone has their needs met and makes sustainable living the default option, the conference seeks to raise business awareness on how to improve their communication strategy to encourage more sustainable consumption through the effective use of consumer information tools.

  • How sustainable and innovative businesses can improve their communication strategy to influence people’s behaviour towards more sustainable choices ?
  • How can businesses provide relevant, transparent and reliable information?
  • What are the main barriers for businesses to communicate about the sustainability of their products and how can businesses overcome those?
  • How can governments, marketing, technical organisations and other stakeholders help address those barriers?

The conference will bring together representatives from the private sector, governments, standard-setting and labeling organizations, research institutes, consumer NGOs, and other relevant stakeholders.

Information, tools, and best practices covered in the conference will assist stakeholders in identifying the key next steps to improving business communication strategies to encourage more sustainable consumption behaviour.

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