Getting Transparency & Traceability: free webinar, September 15

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in sustainable procurement: the Getting Transparency & Traceability free webinar on September 15.

The Sustainable Procurement Pledge (SPP) is a community of those committed to embedding sustainability into their procurement practices – and sharing the knowledge and tools of how to do so.

This is our regular Global meeting – open to all procurement professionals willing to drive change – and tackling a specific challenge and discussing the practical tools available.


-Network you with like-minded peers in sustainable procurement

-Encourage a flow of ideas and advice on how to embed sustainable procurement

-Discover the progress of the Sustainable Procurement Pledge and how you can participate and benefit

Agenda (90 mins):

Virtual meeting. Video on (where possible). Facilitated, in small groups, informal and questions/discussions encouraged. Sales pitches banned and the invitations carefully managed.

Chaired by Oliver Hurrey, SPP

1) Welcome & update on the progress of the SPP – Thomas Udesen & Bertrand Conqueret

2) How we can get traceability & transparency in our supply chains – with Lynn de Proft, CPO, Solvay & Ashish Gadnis, CEO, BanQu

3) Meet your fellow Ambassadors & share ideas on the challenges – in break-out rooms

4) Wrap-up and what’s next.

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