Carbon Removal at Scale – Direct Air Capture with Dynamic Process Modeling: free webinar, October 18

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in CDR: the Carbon Removal at Scale – Direct Air Capture with Dynamic Process Modeling free webinar on October 18.

As global industries continue to make strides in emission reductions, additional measures—like permanent carbon dioxide (CO2) removal—must be taken in parallel to achieve net zero. Innovations like Direct Air Capture (DAC) are poised to play a key role, using a mechanical system to remove CO2 directly from the air.

For over a decade, Carbon Engineering (CE) has pioneered a liquid-sorbent-based DAC solution optimized for scale. Using dynamic process modeling software from AspenTech®, engineers at CE have been able to study a highly integrated process, leading to adjustment and modification of the system for improved operability and controllability of this technology on a commercial scale.

Join experts from CE as they share insights on:

The role that carbon removal tools, including DAC, can play in achieving net zero

CE’s scalable approach to DAC and use cases for the captured atmospheric CO2

How today, with its partners, CE is working to deploy large-scale, commercial DAC facilities in multiple markets around the globe

How AspenTech solutions help support the innovation, scale-up and commercialization of CE’S DAC solutions

Modeling dynamic behavior of DAC process in response to environmental variations

Minimizing operating costs, maximizing CO2 capture rate by developing new controls and operation strategies

Evaluating the effect of new designs on KPIs and operation of the highly integrated DAC process

A Q&A session will follow, so please submit your questions when you register!

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