Looking for your dream job? You might already be building it

Some new insights from GreenBiz:

“Was this your dream job when you were in school?”

As the first chief sustainability officer for the city of Chicago, I was asked some version of this question many times. And the simple answer was actually “no.” Not because it wasn’t an absolutely amazing job. It was. The role just didn’t exist when I was in college or getting my MBA.

And I’m far from alone. This summer I caught up with Amy Francetic, managing general partner of Bouyant Ventures, a new venture fund focused on climate. I talked to Garry Cooper, CEO and founder of Rheaply, a circular economy tech company. And I sat down with Bonnie Lei, the first head of environmental justice, employee engagement and ecosystems at Microsoft.

None of their jobs existed when they were in college either. Each one is charting a new course in newly created fields to transition the economy. Read the full article on GreenBiz.

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