Where’s the next generation of sustainability talent? Consulting

Some new insights from GreenBiz:

If you were to recruit a dream corps of young professionals destined to make up the next wave of sustainability champions in business, what qualities would you want them to have?

My wishlist: They’d be diverse. Systems thinkers. Pragmatists. They’d bring analytical skills and a knack for storytelling. Vision, with the patience for process. I’d add a sense of humor (hey, this is my dream corps, after all) and a touch of soulfulness.

Now, if you were to look for this next generation of sustainability professionals in today’s workforce, where would you find them?

I hope your answer is EY, KPMG, Deloitte, PwC, Accenture and their big and small brethren, because that’s where this next generation is currently cutting its teeth: consultancies. Read the full article on GreenBiz.

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