Biomimicry for Visual Communication Design Strategies: free webinar, September 15

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in Biomimicry: The Biomimicry for Visual Communication Design Strategies free webinar on September 15.

“Graphic Designers produce the most beautiful trash”.

Designers promote products, services and craft messages and interactions that are sometimes short lived, yet use a lot of energy or materials to reach this goal. The average rate of return for a direct mail campaign is 0.5 to 2% according to JWM Business Services. Natural systems, on the other hand, thrive because they are operating in a multi-functional, collaborative, and closed-loop system.

What you will learn in this webinar:

The Life’s Principles that describe the deep patterns in nature are an effective tool for visual designers to tap into how nature operates without having to have biological knowledge. Michelle Fehler from nahimsa will present her research on how these Life’s Principles can inform visual communication design strategies. Nahimsa’s goal is to provide tools for brainstorming and evaluating so that graphic designers can practice life-centered design. The talk is most beneficial to those involved in visual communication design, but no in-depth/prior knowledge is needed to get inspired. Topics include:


Graphic design, including UX, web, print, etc.

Systems thinking

Life-centered design

Meet Michelle:

Michelle’s love for nature sprouted during her childhood in Switzerland where she grew up surrounded by lush, green vegetation and farm animals. In her mid twenties, she moved to Phoenix for a 6 month adventure but after 25 years there, she calls Phoenix her home. Michelle is a trained graphic designer with a Master’s in Nature-based Graphic Design, a Master’s in Biomimicry and is a certified Biomimicry Professional (Biomimicry 3.8). She is currently a Clinical Assistant Professor at The Design School at Arizona State University where she also teaches the capstone class as part of the world’s first Master’s Biomimicry Program at Arizona State University.

Her research focuses on defining a life-centered design thinking methodology that allows the infusion of biomimicry thinking into the traditional human-centered design and systems thinking process. She has presented her work at various conferences such as at the World Usability Day, AIGA Y-conference, AIGA Phoenix Design Week, SustainbleUX, Audubon society, European Academy of Design, Liberty Wildlife, Target HQ, Renaissance, and the Swiss Design Network. Her work has been published in the Cooper Hewitt’s Summer 2019 Design Journal, The Design Journal, and Biomimetics (MDPI).

NOTE: The talk is free to attend and most beneficial to those involved in visual communication design, but no in-depth/prior knowledge is needed to get inspired.

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