How to navigate your way through the sustainability field

Some new sustainability career insights from GreenBiz:

Over the past 20 years, sustainability roles have grown from hiding in compliance functions to being interspersed throughout business. In 2016, when I had graduated and was looking for a career in sustainability, entry level positions were nearly impossible to find. I chose to pivot into a business operations function at a broadcasting and media company to start my career. After all, you have to start somewhere.

While I gained a lot of experience in media, sustainability was where I wanted to be. An MBA in Sustainability at Bard College in 2019 helped me find and land one of the very few entry level sustainability positions at Unilever. I knew once I got my foot in the door by making a lateral move from one coordinator position to another across industries, I would be able to move forward in sustainability — which is how I have progressed through my career these last few years.

Here are a few key lessons I’ve learned from switching from one coordinator role to a sustainability coordinator role to managerial sustainability roles across sectors. Read the full article on GreenBiz.

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