Are We Looking Up? Climate Communications at a Pivotal Moment: free webinar, September 20

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in climate communications: The Are We Looking Up? Climate Communications at a Pivotal Moment free webinar on September 20.

As more of the world experiences the intensifying impacts of the climate crisis, public communications about climate change are shifting. Following decades of under-reporting by news media, climate change and climate-influenced events appear in mainstream news reports on a daily basis.

Cultural influences like the satirical film “Don’t Look Up” have made climate change part of the global zeitgeist. After decades of inaction, the U.S. government adopted what is arguably the most ambitious and comprehensive national climate policy in history. At this turning point, the stakes for climate action have never been higher. Communications around climate solutions have a major role to play in driving unprecedented progress toward worldwide mitigation of and adaptation to the crisis.

Join our diverse panel of communications experts in this 60-minute virtual discussion as they weigh in on the role of communications in climate action from three perspectives:

  • Advocacy and activism: selling climate action to policymakers and voters
  • Media and culture: balancing objectivity and urgency in journalism and education
  • Private sector and investment: selling climate solutions to investors, businesses, and consumers

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