How to Create a Roadmap for Long-Term Investments in Nature: free webinar, September 22

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in climate finance: The How to Create a Roadmap for Long-Term Investments in Nature free webinar on September 22.

As prices for carbon credits climb at unprecedented rates, companies pursuing ambitious sustainability goals are exploring alternative ways to invest in impactful natural climate solutions while keeping long-term targets and costs in mind. This panel will highlight best practices used by leading corporations to meet long-term climate goals with the support of nature based solutions.

The panelists will discuss

  • The importance of nature within their climate strategies
  • How they are procuring carbon credits in an uncertain market
  • The innovative technologies available to minimize risk, restore ecosystems, and direct more funding to the local communities that need it the most


  • Jim Giles, Vice President, Net Zero, GreenBiz Group


  • Josh Parrish, Vice President, Carbon Origination, Pachama
  • Jim Bergan, Climate Mitigation Manager, Delta Land Services
  • Nadine Stueber, Global Insetting & Offsetting Manager, Nestlé

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