PROTECT project: Innovation procurement for climate services: free webinar, September 29

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in sustainable procurement: The PROTECT project: Innovation procurement for climate services free webinar on September 29.

EU cities and regions must advance their climate adaptation and mitigation policies and actions and innovation procurement can be a strategic lever in this regard.

But how to prepare for a pre-commercial procurement?

The European Commission-funded project PROTECT supports urgent action for climate adaptation and mitigation through an innovation procurement approach. It aims to connect and prepare public buyers of local and regional public authorities to undertake a Pre-Commercial Procurement procedure enabling the development and uptake of climate services – solutions and technologies based on Environmental/Earth Observation (EO) data – that meet the specific and systemic needs of the public demand. PROTECT addresses procurement challenges and needs in five sectoral domains: Energy and utilities, Sustainable urban communities, Agriculture, forestry and other land use, Marine and coastal environments, and Civil security and protection. These domains display a strong demand, applicability, and impact potential for EO-based climate services.

What can you expect from this webinar?

The PROTECT consortium is pleased to organise its first project presentation webinar. During this online event you will learn about the newly launched EU-funded project PROTECT, which goal is to prepare a community of cities, regions and other public buyers to jointly undertake a Pre-Commercial Procurement procedure. This PCP will help high-potential solutions and technologies based on Earth observation modalities develop into ready-to-market climate services designed to meet the public sector’s climate change challenges and needs.

This webinar will tell you about the PROTECT journey you could be part of. It will present our state-of-the-art approach and method for translating the strategic objective of adapting and mitigating climate change into concrete and realistic public procurement objectives and actions at regional and local levels. The various knowledge and capacity building activities organised by the PROTECT partners and that will be made available to the PROTECT community of public buyers over the next two years will also be presented.

Join us in a dynamic webinar, learn from the experience of peers, share and express your challenges and interests, and receive PROTECT’s free technical assistance in preparing for a collaborative Pre-Commercial Procurement!

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