Transforming to a Sustainable, Resilient Supply Chain Amidst Ongoing Crises: free webinar, September 20

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in sustainable supply chains: The Transforming to a Sustainable, Resilient Supply Chain Amidst Ongoing Crises free webinar on September 20.

Supply chains are continuing to suffer from ongoing disruptions, which are forecasted to last until mid-2023. Companies must juggle increasing costs, bottlenecks and changing legislation whilst delivering on sustainability commitments.

  • Explore how the leading companies are implementing supply chain strategies that deliver on sustainability goals and stakeholder expectations, whilst sustaining the competitiveness of the business
  • Understand how to prove the ROI of large-scale investments when faced with ongoing disruptions and uncertain trajectories
  • Discover how companies are embedding collaboration, resilience and sustainability throughout the supply chain.

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