Industrial Tech Talk: Financing European Climate Tech Startups: free webinar, October 12

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in climate tech: The Industrial Tech Talk: Financing European Climate Tech Startups free webinar on October 12.

The Speedinvest Industrial Tech team presents the 17th edition of its Industrial Tech Talk series. With an expert panel discussion and an open Q&A session, we will unpack the current status quo of opportunities, tools, and gaps in the European Climate Finance stack.

The goal of the evening is to share insights and dive deeper in the expectations and perceptions on the topic from different players in the Climate Finance space.

Our panelists include:

  • Candice Ammori – Founder, The Climate Vine (Moderator)
  • Ayesha Iqbal – Head of Venture Building Decarbonization Ventures, Anglo American
  • Bastien Gambini – Managing Partner, Alantra Energy Transition
  • Stephan Decker – Managing Partner, ZAZ Ventures
  • Yair Reem – Partner, Extantia Capital

Take a front row seat at this virtual event to discover:

  • What financing models do we need to make Europe a leader in Climate Tech? What has been successful, and what other mechanisms could be explored?
  • What should founders be aware of to ensure successful financing and scaling while building a climate company?

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