Embedding Sustainability Across the Organization Using Data: free webinar, October 13

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in ESG: The Embedding Sustainability Across the Organization Using Data free webinar on October 13.

Organizations are committed to turning sustainability targets into measurable outcomes, to moving from ambition to action.  Envizi, an IBM company recently commissioned a research study to take a pulse on how organizations are embedding sustainability at the operational level, and the results highlight the many hurdles organizations face.  Join us on this webcast as we share the results of the study, highlight real life examples from an organization successfully turning sustainability ambition into action, and outline how software can help support the process.

Sustainability executives should attend this webcast to:

  • Gain practical insights into how to activate their sustainability strategy by learning from the experiences of Downer Group
  • Benchmark their own progress towards operationalizing sustainability by comparing their own experiences against the participants in the recent Verdantix study.
  • Learn about cutting edge software from IBM that can assist on the journey


  • John Davies, Vice President & Senior Analyst, GreenBiz Group


  • Ricky Bridge,  Group General Manager Environment, Sustainability and Reporting, Downer Group
  • David Solsky, VP Sustainability Software Solutions at Envizi, and IBM Company
  • Alice Saunders, ESG and Sustainability Analyst, Verdantix.

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