Biomimicry & Climate Technology: Using Nature to remove CO2 & Air Pollution: free webinar, October 13

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in climate tech: The Biomimicry & Climate Technology: Using Nature to remove CO2 & Air Pollution free webinar on October 13.

We are faced today with unquestionable evidence that our climate is changing, leading to wild fires, floods, excessive temperatures, food shortages and many other disasters. While we are pursuing avenues for renewable energy, transportation and many other industries, all requiring new infrastructure and resources, could this be achieved in our fast-paced and changing environment? Could Biomimicry help us creating circular models to achieve net-zero?

Helene Thibieroz is currently the CEO of RainIons, a unique biomimicry-based technology removing CO2 and air pollution at the source using a novel approach of material science and electrochemistry.

Meet Helene:

Helene Thibieroz is a CEO and an entrepreneur in residence with a global vision merging technology, business and innovation. With a strong technology and business background, she created the accelerator We Grow Green Tech as a vehicle to apply conscientious technology and nature-based science to scale practical solutions to current environmental challenges. During this time, she acquired solid hands-on expertise in climate change, green tech and biomimicry and performed various roles as mentor/advisor/board director at leading accelerators, academic institutions and green technology early-stage companies; shared her expertise as a distinguished speaker in green technology and climate change at global technology symposiums and business conferences.

What you will learn in this webinar:

How to scale biomimicry technologies and startups in a business environment

Biomimicry cases studies pertinent to entrepreneurship and commercialization

How Biomimicry could be successfully used in the context of Climate Tech.

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