Food Waste Funder Circle Pitch Event: free webinar, October 20

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in sustainable food: The Food Waste Funder Circle Pitch Event free webinar on October 20.

During the pitch event, you’ll hear each organization’s 5 minute pitch and have the chance to ask questions via chat.

Pitch 1: ANINA is an Israel-based company that creates exciting eating experiences from food waste: they redesign imperfect produce into desirable, beautiful, easy-to-cook food.

Pitch 2: ClearCOGS uses machine learning and AI to create daily prep level recommendations for restaurants that reduce waste while decreasing product stockouts.

Pitch 3: Forager’s mission is to make local food more widely available for everyone by removing the cost and friction in the procurement process. Forager organizes and digitizes the entire local supplier and buyer base, ultimately reducing waste along the supply change.

Pitch 4: AppliedAIStudio’s AI anticipates food waste, arranges for donations, and generates tax deductions. Food producers get unclaimed deductions. People in need get fed. They make it easy for food producers to participate and benefit.

Pitch 5: Sincarne is focused on transforming agricultural products, residues and waste streams from food production into new foods, ingredients and chemicals, via solid state fermentation with fungi.

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