Challenges and Innovations in Coastal Protection: free webinar, October 13

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in coastal restoration: The Challenges and Innovations in Coastal Protection free webinar on October 13.

In this webinar, a panel of experts in applied coastal engineering will explore the challenges and solutions in coastal structures protection by discussing innovation, materials, modeling and design solutions. Hear their insights and lessons learned from completing successful studies, innovation, designs and construction of coastal defense projects having faced common challenges in marine construction worldwide.

Learn from Bas Hofland (PhD. Prof., Head of the Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory at TU Delft) about novel measurement techniques in evaluating coastal structures.

Hear from Bas Reedijk (Head of Engineering, DMC-BAM Infraconsult) and Pieter Bakker (Xbloc Global Manager, DMC-BAM Infraconsult) as they discuss innovative best practices for placement of interlocking coastal armour units.

Understand how computational fluid dynamics (CFD) can be integrated into breakwater design with Jeroen van den Bos (Senior Coastal Engineer, Boskalis).

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