Composting and Compost Validation: A Deep Dive into Compostable Plastics: free webinar, October 19

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in sustainable plastics: The Composting and Compost Validation: A Deep Dive into Compostable Plastics free webinar on October 19.

As the compostable materials industry continues to evolve, it’s important for manufacturers, brands, consumers, and industry stakeholders to stay informed on continuous developments to work towards collective actions for a better and a more sustainable future.

Join us for our webinar featuring Susan Thoman, Founder and Managing Director at Compost Manufacturing Alliance (CMA) to discuss compostable plastics and their viability in real-world scenarios, including discussions ranging from certification validation to end-of-life management in compost facilities. CMA is a global leader in providing commercial composting facilities an acceptance standard for compostables by performing field disintegration testing through several prominent processing methods to ensure products sent to industrial compost facilities adequately break down within the production cycle. CMA connects supply chain leaders with top compost manufacturing facilities nationwide to ensure mutual success as co-creators of compost and compostables.

This session with CMA aims to create a platform where brands, manufacturers, consumers, and other industry stakeholders can get a clear understanding of CMA’s work and why a partnership with the alliance may be beneficial when evaluating and developing compostable solutions. This session will cover the different types of industry certifications available, what they signify, and what to look for when consuming compostable plastics.

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