The State of Investing in Climate Tech: free webinar, November 15

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in climate finance: The State of Investing in Climate Tech free webinar on November 15.

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As 2022 comes to a close, investors continue to express confidence in Climate Tech. But what does the future of impact investing look like?

Hear from Managing Director and Founder of Climate Impact Capital (CIC), Alexander Rozenfield, about the current state of Investing in Climate Tech, how CIC supports its clients through advisory and investment focused on the energy transition and climate change, and what to look for in 2023.

About Alexander Rozenfield:

Alex founded Climate Impact Capital to help fill the market gap for early stage companies and investors seeking to make an impact on climate change.

With 20 years of energy and innovation experience, Alex has worked extensively internationally as an entrepreneur, angel investor, and venture capitalist for Fortune 500 companies. His main focus has been on bringing corporations and entrepreneurs together to impact one of the world’s largest challenges – sustainable and plentiful energy access.

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