How healthcare professionals can advocate for a greener healthcare: free webinar, January 16

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in sustainable healthcare: The How healthcare professionals can advocate for a greener healthcare free webinar on January 16.

Healthcare professionals are the most trusted members of society, and they can use this trusted voice to advocate for greener healthcare. In this webinar, we will present communications resources for healthcare professionals wanting to develop their communications skills and engage in advocacy.

To support healthcare professionals who want to affect positive change, HCWH Europe has developed communications toolkits to support their advocacy and campaigning activities. How healthcare professionals can advocate for sustainable antibiotic use in food production (coming soon), includes guidelines and practical examples on how to talk about antimicrobial resistance (AMR) to non-expert audiences, from policymakers to food producers and administrative staff at hospitals. For healthcare professionals looking to learn more about engaging with the media, Mastering media interviews to promote climate and health, helps them to understand how the media works and how to prepare for interviews.

In this webinar, our primary focus will be communicating about and advocating for the sustainable use of antibiotics in food production and its contribution to the acceleration and spread of AMR. However, the webinar will be useful to anyone wanting to develop their communications and campaigning skills and learn about HCWH Europe resources that they can use in their work.

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