Unlocking the True Power of Clean Geothermal Energy: free webinar, January 12

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in clean energy: The Unlocking the True Power of Clean Geothermal Energy free webinar on January 12.

MIT spinout Quaise Energy is working to create geothermal wells made from the deepest holes in the world. Quaise’s mission is to bring this inexhaustible, renewable, clean energy source to future generations. The company plans to vaporise enough rock using cutting edge millimetre wave drilling technology, to create the world’s deepest holes and harvest geothermal energy at a scale that could satisfy human energy consumption for millions of years.

Quaise’s founders have set an ambitious timeline to begin harvesting energy from a pilot well by 2026. Quaise’s drilling systems centre around a microwave-emitting device called a gyrotron, that has been used in research and manufacturing for decades. Tests on the 100-to-1 hole are expected to be completed sometime next year. Quaise is also hoping to begin vaporizing rock in field tests late next year. The company plans to begin harvesting energy from pilot geothermal wells that reach rock temperatures at up to 500°C by 2026.

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